Dear beloved church family!

As most of you know, along with a few other churches we received a letter from Dr. James Richardson the Inyo County Health Officer requiring that we increase our safety protocols. While many of us feel the tone of the letter was inappropriate and a bit of a government overreach, we also prayed over our response and decided at this point it was best for us to work a little harder to do our part. That is why we have asked all of you to wear face coverings as you come to worship, and for the time being those of us up front will wear masks or shields.

We know that members of our church who love and want to honor the Lord have very strong, and differing, opinions about this. It is so important that we have grace for each other, and that we value and listen to those who disagree with us. This is the godly and mature thing to do. We also ask you to continue in prayer for all of this.

That said many of us also feel that the restrictions against not just the churches but the businesses and organizations in our community are not actually evidence based or helpful. The county leadership, especially the Supervisors and Dr. Richardson, need to hear from us what we think. So we are encouraging as many of you as possible to speak up at the County Supervisors meetings or send in your written comments.

Written comments can be send to the Clerk Darcy Ellis at dellis@inyocounty.us

The meeting can be watched live at https://zoom.us/j/868254781.

You can find the agenda at this link: https://www.inyocounty.us/government/publications-reports-plans-proclamations/meeting-agendas-minutes.

Again, we think it is crucial that we remain in unity, and continue to love each other, learn from each other, and pray through all these things! Please reach out to us if you wish to discuss any of these issues further. And may God be glorified in and through us,

Pastor Rick and the Elder Board