5/23 Update and News

Greetings again CBC Family! As I am sure you are, we are hoping and praying for our valley (and our country) to be able to open up to businesses, events, and social gatherings soon.  We all know this has been hard.  We want to remind you that most every one of us has different thoughts about all of this, and we need to have grace for everyone - especially those who have opposing viewpoints. Many of us have heard that Friday the President declared churches as essential.  We believed this all along, but we also have tried to honor our state and local authorities.  There still are no easy or quick answers.  We will continue to try to minister to our church family, while also keeping our people and community healthy.  Again, many people will still have opposing views, so please be respectful and gracious to those with whom you disagree! We at CBC will continue to stream our services on Facebook and YouTube.  We also will continue to have small groups, online and in-person.  For those who need to connect personally with the church family, we do have some space in our worship center and in other rooms where we can stream the service.  We ask for your discretion and good judgment, and hope this grows slowly, and safely.  If you choose to come connect with the church family, please only come if you are healthy and feel comfortable and safe.  More importantly please find a way to connect with a small group, because most of the essential work of the church is done in smaller settings.  And wherever you connect with groups please have a mask with you and continue to practice social distancing.   As this is Memorial Day weekend, there is an event you should know about.  The official services that have happened each year are not happening, so one of our Deacons and veterans, Josh Nicholson, is hosting a service on his front driveway.  Feel free to join us Monday, May 26 at 10am on Glenbrook Way, or join on his Facebook livestream.  And we thank Josh for leading in this way. We hope you know that we will continue to work to balance the safety of our community with the essential work we are trying to do - obeying the Lord while also honoring our authorities.  Please continue to pray for us, and for all our leaders.  And no matter how we proceed - we will continue to be the church God has called us to be! Pastor Rick and the Elder Board