9/11/20 Updates and News

Hello CBC Family and Friends! This week we have a couple extra events we would like you to know about.  First, one of our sister churches, First Southern Baptist, is holding a multi-church, outreach oriented, “block party” this Sunday starting at 4pm.  There will be worship music, some encouraging words, and even refreshments!  They are located at 251 Sierra Street, right behind Starbucks. Our Mission Commission is also hosting a meet and greet with Dave and Diane Fairley this week!  They will be in town and we are meeting with them Wednesday evening, 4:30-6pm, in the little patio between the old Chapel and the Fellowship Hall.  If you are at all interested in visiting with them or hearing about their current ministry opportunities please plan to be there! Of course we still are gathering to worship outside, in our parking lot, in the shade from 9-10am.  It’s actually been really nice out there.  Please join us if you can.  We will still try to stream the service live, but as always if we are not able to do that we will record and post it later.  We will also have nursery and children’s church. Special this Sunday we will take a moment to honor and appreciate two groups of people.  This Sunday is Grandparents Day, but it is also the Sunday closest to September 11.  So we will be acknowledging and offering a little gift to those who are grandparents and any first responders who come join us.  That means law enforcement, firefighters, medical responders, and dispatchers.  If you know of some who might be willing to come please invite them! We are so thankful we are able to gather for worship and special events.  If you have any questions about any of this please reach out to us, and we hope to see you soon, in person or online! Pastor Rick and the Elder Board